Nothing is Ever Permanent

There are three types of people who will come into your life: People for a Reason, People for a Season, and People for a Lifetime.

  • People for a Reason
    They say this kind of people come for a reason = to be a comfort in your times of trouble, to be an answer for your problems, to be the one by your sides in your times of need, etc. And when the reason has happened, his/her mission is fulfilled, accomplished, and it is very possible that he/she will walk out of your life forever. The person itself might not realize that he/she actually came with a mission, but God sent him/her to be your answer. They have a reason for staying by your side.
  • People for a Season
    This person is different with the previous one. This person might not come for a reason, and he/she might not be your answer for your problem, and might not comfort you in times of trouble, but this person enters your life for a season only, e. g. for a semester, because you two are classmates; for a holiday, because you met during holidays and spent a lot of time together; for a project, because you guys are in the same committee, doing the same stuff until your project is done, and many other possibilities. After his/her season passed, he/she might walk out of your life, too, or if they didn’t, you might not remained close to them anymore.
  • People for a Lifetime
    This type of people, are mostly believed by many, as someone who will become your soul mate, or your spouse. Mostly. But some also believe this kind of people to be your BFF, or your parents, and such people who is loyal enough to you, that they will never leave your side.

Okay, enough with the nonsense. I’m comin up with my own nonsense.

Nothing is Ever Permanent — the hypocrite, as you can also see in Another Nonsense on the sidebar next to the articles.

I’ve put that quotation in my status (both twitter and facebook) for days, and I meant what I wrote.

I do believe the thing such as People for a Reason and a Season, for I’ve had them too.

When my parents were about to divorce, I had my People for a Reason who comforted me, and stayed by my side to strengthen me.

From one semester to another semester, I met People for a Season, and they change every semester. Some may stay to two or more semesters, but some stay only for one semester.

Then they will graduate, and become busier than usual, and it is very possible to lose contact.

But no people for a Lifetime.

As I said, “Nothing is ever permanent.” Nothing stays forever in your life. Especially forever and ever (or ‘forever and a day’).

Not your spouse.

Not your current best friend who you thought will be your BFF.

Not even your parents.

There are very little cases of loyal marriage, whose wife and husband stay forever and forever loving the same person. I don’t think it’s impossible, but it’s very rare. Even when you saw a family who seem to love each other, it might not what it seems. You just haven’t dig deeper.

Your BFF? Even fewer cases of soul mates stay as soul mates till they die. One might leave sooner. Many things could happen. Fight, death, changes, etc, etc. Even BFF may last.

Your parents? Once you’re married, you’re not your parents’ anymore. You belong to your spouse. Or at least, that’s what I believe. And even if you stick with your parents, unless your parents are Greek god who came down to earth and disguise as mortals, I’m sorry, but they will die, sooner or later. They die, too.

So, yea, that’s what I’ve believed so far: nothing stays forever in your life.

Okay, there might be no one to stay forever in your life, but what about things around you?

Evolution came, trends are always come and go, never steady, even climate changes, and even everything around us (the so-called nature) change.

So, see? Nothing stays forever. “Nothing is ever permanent.”

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