As Technology Evolves… So Does Education. Does it?

I saw this blog post a couple days ago in WordPress’ Freshly Pressed (as usual) and not long after that, I came across this post as well.

So, the first post tells how the era have now changed. With the advanced of the technology development, children nowadays have become the iPad generation (or iPad-ers generation?–I don’t even know whether such terms exist). These days, children are even more advanced than some of us adults in using the electronic devices, such as cell phone, computers, notebook, and iPad, especially. I once questioned myself (and my friends) whether this is a sign of a degeneration, but we agreed (as well as the author’s statement) that it’s not a degeneration. It’s merely a change of era. Just like when horseback era were being replaced by cars and motorcycles, and so now electronic devices are starting to take the roles of the manual handouts and materials in the educational field. Everything now is self-accessed. Responding to the success of iPad and the popularity of it, I guess now education needs to accept the change and adapt to it. Again, everything is now self-accessed. Children (and parents) can now find many educational applications in their iPad. I haven’t got one, but I’m hoping soon enough (crossing fingers!) so I could see and experience it for myself. It might be useful for me as a teacher as well, right? Right? I’m trying to convince myself, here.

Anyway, so many things have changed. And with changes, adapting and adjusting follow. Similar theme was being discussed in this post as I came across it not long after I read the first one.

Children now have learned to use and operate electronic devices, perhaps even before they could speak (well, I don’t know for sure. It depends on the parents, I guess). And I guess that includes the possibility that children nowadays are learning to type in their flat-surfaced iPad or cell phone even before they could write very well. Oh well, now it’s still minor cases, I guess. But regarding the second post, some parents even now considering handwriting is not that important anymore since now is the typing generation. Perhaps it’s not that they think children shouldn’t learn how to write anymore, but that children don’t need to be taught how to write in cursive anymore.

I remember learning about this back in elementary school, and, oh, how I hate it and love it at the same time. I hated it because my teacher never really compliment my handwriting. I’ve been practicing and tried to make my handwriting as beautiful as possible, you know! That’s the part that I loved. But then I hate it again because I prefer typing. My dad taught me how to type when I was 9 year-old, and, boy, how I love the sound of the keyboard ticking when I touch it to type. I’m a nerd, yeah, I knew that.

The thing is, as mentioned in the article, experts believe that handwriting help boosting the brain’s performance as the handwriting skills actually drills the brain to memorize things and “aid the fine motor-skill development.” (How Handwriting Trains the Brain)

Even the attitude and manner on writing itself teach you something else.

My "laoshi" (老师) told me that we better keep the brush straight as we write.

When I was learning Mandarin back in high school, my teacher, a native Chinese, told me that there’s a reason why Chinese write their calligraphy using the brush (remember the Taiwanese/Chinese TV series Princess of Pearl? Or Curse of the Golden Flower where the setting of the movies and series were back in the ancient Chinese when Monarchy still exist and the Great Wall of China had just been built? Then the characters turn to their table and write a letter using a brush with a specific manner and attitude, remember that part?) –she told me that Chinese children were taught that kind of writing ever since they were very little, and even as they grew older, only some people, if not a few, could master the technique very well. The attitude itself is very tiring and frustrating, if we’re not familiar with it yet. Especially for children whose minds are still full of playing hide-and-seek or tag with their classmates, imagine that. But as they were “forced” to learn the technique, they learned about patience in learning it itself. Not to mention steadiness as they become more and more familiar with it, of course.

This is how you write the word "Ai," meaning "Love," and it's also the last part of my Chinese name! (郑天爱)
Writing in iPad

Therefore, I’m referring back to the second article here, as the technology itself improve, comes the adjusting and the adapting. As iPad become more and more popular among people, and typing is starting to replace handwriting, some applications have been created as well in order to prevent handwriting from extinction. Now, even children can learn how to write in cursive with their iPad–with kindergartens have started to provide the typical apps to teach their little students to learn to write in cursive. I haven’t tried the apps yet (remember I said I don’t own an iPad right now? Hopefully soon. I’m crossing my fingers once again), but reading the post, I think it’s really nice and interesting. I can’t wait to try it for myself soon. Very soon.

So, changes are not always bad, right?

With applications, comes handwriting.

I can’t wait to see how education will evolve with more tech developments in the next 20 years.

Matches and Matrimony – A Pride and Prejudice Tale

*Edited (see the post-note below at the end of the post!)

I decided to download and install a new game house called Matches and Matrimony – A Pride and Prejudice Tale after reading its review (click here to read the review). So far, I managed to play the free trial twice (a total of 2 hours, with 60 minutes for each trial) and since it is almost impossible for me to purchase the full version of the game, I’ve been looking for the crack and the keygen for this game, and so far, I didn’t succeed. (Perhaps anyone would be so kind to send me the keygen, or software or such?)

Before I go on with public opinion (nah, MY opinion, to be exact), I think I should first tell you what the game is about.

A fan of Jane Austen (or simply a devoted reader of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice) can instantly imply that this game revolves around Pride and Prejudice itself. And it is, indeed, for in this game, you are playing the very role of Elizabeth Bennett (though you still have the privilege to give a different first name to your character), and as the player, you hold a crucial role in determining Elizabeth’s fate–including who she should marry and whether Elizabeth would become a sensible, witty character, or simply the nice little doll who thinks a great deal of what society’s opinion upon her.

So, in the game, after you pick a name for your character, you would be responsible in arranging the weekly schedule of your character. You need to choose wisely what your character should do from Monday to Friday, and that would pretty much influence your character’s disposition. There are about six different activities you could do, which are: ‘Study the Arts’, ‘Read A Book’, ‘Go Visiting’, ‘Go Outside’, ‘Do Needlework’, and ‘Rest.’ All those activities, except for ‘Rest’ take 10 points of your energy (out of 100), and you need to consider carefully, since you would need to rest, or else you would be running out of energy by the weekend and that would pretty much determine the success of every interaction your character made with other characters. In weekends, in which you need not to arrange any activities for your character, the game would have many different occasions arranged for you instead. Most of the times, weekend activities are going to the parties, meeting eligible men as your suitors, and visiting relatives. Weekends play a crucial role in determining your fate as well for weekends are the times where you would meet and converse with other characters. If you are intending to marry at the end of the game, you would need to attract the men in the game in order to make them falling in love with you, hence propose you to marry them. There are 9 possible endings for this game, and, again, your character would very much play an important role to the ending that you would have.

Playing the 60 minutes free trial, I only managed to finish one ending (and I’m dying to play again to see how the other endings would be like), and my ending… I have to say, rather sucks. I end up being an old maid, and I might as well, made my big sister in the game, Jane, become an old maid as well, for Mr. Bingley didn’t propose to her.

Since I only manage to play the free trial and see only one of the endings, I didn’t know precisely what the other endings were, but reading the reviews, as well as playing the game itself, I could simply guess that the other endings would be marrying each eligible bachelor presented in the game. The bachelors are:

  • Mr. Darcy
  • Mr. Bingley (Oh, yes, you could marry mr. Bingley, although it would definitely break your sister’s heart, for she is very much in love with mr. Bingley, just like how it is presented in the novel–the alternative ending for Jane, hence, would be marry Colonel Brandon.)
  • Colonel Brandon
  • Mr. Danny
  • Mr. Wickeby

    Mr. Wickeby (in the review, you would read that even though the title says ‘A Pride and Prejudice Tale’, the game actually combines three of Jane Austen’s works, including Pride and Prejudice itself. The other two are Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion. Therefore, Mr. Wickeby here, is a mix of mr. Wickham from Pride and Prejudice and mr. Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility. You could read further in the review.)

  • Mr. Collins
  • Colonel Fitzwilliam
  • Mr. Wentworth
(From left to right) Top: Mr. Bingley & Mr. Darcy; Bottom: Charlotte, the Bingley sisters, & Jane Bennett

I was, unfortunately, unlucky enough to meet mr. Wentworth. I managed to meet the others, though. Meeting each of the gentleman is also influenced by your character. There are 6 traits of your characteristic which you need to gain points: Willpower, Talent, Kindness, Sensibility, Propriety and Wit. Each of those traits gain points from different activities that you choose during the weekdays, for example, choosing to ‘Read A Book’ would add some points for your sensibility, will power and wit, but ‘Go Outside’ would deduce your points in ‘Propriety’, although it would definitely gain more ‘Willpower’ for you. In the second trial that I played, I was lacking enough points of my Willpower which made me marry Mr. Collins.

Oh yeah, I forgot, I actually managed to get another dreadful ending, actually. I guess I’d never wanted to consider that as one of the ending for the horrible nightmare that I’d definitely get from marrying mr. Collins.

Anyway, another example would be choosing activities which would not gain you any point of ‘Talent.’ I did this in the first time I played the trial, and I ended up not meeting Colonel Brandon at all. In my second attempt, I managed to meet Colonel Brandon after I gain enough points in ‘Talent.’ (You could get points in ‘Talent’ by choosing ‘Study the Art’ or ‘Do Needlework’ in one of the activities that you do during weekdays.

So, you get it now when I say you character is defined by each activity that you choose during weekdays, and hence affect your story as well?

How you attract each gentleman also depends on how carefully you pick your response when interacting with the gentlemen. At some points in the game, you could pick your response when answering other characters’ questions or interrupting others’ conversation, for example, when Mr. Collins asked me whether I’ve met Lady Catherine de Bourgh, I could choose to lie to him that I’ve met her, or I could frankly answer that I’ve never met her, or even better, I could excuse myself to avoid further conversation. Or when mr. Collins asked me to dance with him on the Netherfield Ball the next day, I could simply accept his offer, or I could say that I’ve engaged to someone else which would make him ask further whoever is my partner. Then, I could choose to lie when answering this since the game gave me various options of answer to this: Mr. Darcy, Mr. Wickeby, Mr. Bingley or Mr. Danny. The ideal answer, of course, would be Mr. Wickeby, if were we sticking to the story line of Pride and Prejudice, since Elizabeth was longing for mr. Wickham’s presence in the Netherfield Ball (and this, too, happened after you were introduced to mr. Wickeby and then he lied about mr. Darcy which would cause you to like mr. Darcy less).

Hollywood's Pride and Prejudice produced in 2005. Starring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen.

As I am still very much infatuated with the 2005 Pride and Prejudice (oh yes, I’ve been re-watching the movie for some time, lately!) my ideal ending would be married to mr. Darcy. The thing is, he is, most probably, the most difficult gentleman that you could attract. Of all three novels (Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Persuasion), mr. Darcy is, after all, the most unpredictable alpha-male, and apparently, the game determined not to change this very trait of him, and hence, what seem to be favorable to all other gentlemen might be perceived differently to mr. Darcy. When I got the chance to dance with mr. Darcy (as was proposed by Lady Lucas), and I accepted the offer, mr. Darcy’s opinion toward my main character was unchanged, but when I declined the offer and excuse myself from dancing with him, he began to like me more and more, instead. (Gaaahhh, this gentleman is totally unbelievable!)

However, if you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice as well, you could be rest assured that as long as you follow the predictable plot from both the movie and the novel, you would be able to get more and more of mr. Darcy’s attention towards you. (And of course, just like both the movie and the novel, you, as the main character never realized that the gentleman has become more and more fond of you! Remember, in the story, mr. Darcy was attracted to Elizabeth for her wit and sensibility, so make sure you gain many points for those two traits. I managed to get mr. Darcy to like me more and more on my second attempt playing the trial, although, unfortunately, I didn’t managed to get him to propose to me. :(

You could still end up with anybody else, of course, if you prefer to do so. The easiest gentleman to be attracted is, unfortunately (and obnoxiously), mr. Collins. I can’t seem to get him to like me less until after I declined his proposal three times! (Which I could only do if I had enough willpower, or else, I would marry him right away on the first proposal! This was why I got the ending of marrying mr. Collins. Whew, what a horror!) Next in line after mr. Collins are, I would say, all other gentlemen other than mr. Darcy. Simply agree to whatever they say, or show off your talents and kindness, and they would like you more and more. But if I had to choose one of the gentlemen I would say, perhaps, mr. Wickeby is the second gentlemen who is very easy to be attracted. At one point in the game, you get the chance to introduce mr. Wickeby to mr. Bingley and mr. Darcy, and if you do that, he would like you more. Of course, you could choose not to do this, and mr. Danny would be the one introducing him to mr. Bingley and mr. Darcy instead.

Overall, I could say this game is satisfactory, if you’re a Jane Austen fan, or you’re someone who’s not looking for too many complicated action-game. And, I hate to admit this, but I agree with one review saying that this game is completely a game designed for girls (or gays, according to the review). I mean, for people who’s so into Travian, Warcraft, Final Fantasy, this game would most definitely bore them, but as a fan of Jane Austen fan, I have to say I like this game. One of the reason is, of course, because I could create my own story and make my own ending (9 possible endings! Not bad, surely). Although, if I had the chance to play the complete version and manage to get all possible endings, I might get bored soon, but so far, after playing the free-trial two times, I have to admit I don’t hate this game. (I guess I’m not really looking for too many actions in the games that I play, huh?)

Compared to the one in the game, I do prefer this version of mr. Darcy, though!

*Edited 7/25/2011: Just got the crack of this game!! YAAAAYYYY!!! I’m very very very excited, and now I just managed to finish 3 out of 9 endings!!!! Apparently, there are two endings where we would not marrying anyone (and one that I managed to finish is, of course, marrying mr. Darcy–finally!!) But those two are somehow different in context. One of them is where Jane and I ended up alone, and another one happened when Jane was already engaged to mr. Bingley, yet when mr. Darcy offered his second proposal, I refused, but I felt very much content for being so much of an independent woman. Whooo! I didn’t know I actually had that option!

“Dilarang Buang Sampah Sembarangan!”

Translation: Only monkeys are allowed to litter

I saw a woman littered today, then I realized how annoyed I am.

She was wiping her face with a tissue and then, simply threw it on the sidewalk.

Of course I didn’t say anything.

But still, I was annoyed.

Yet I didn’t do anything.

Then after a couple of steps, my mood didn’t get any better as I saw an empty bottle and a plastic scattered on the sidewalk, just right next to the trash can.

Just next to the trash can, imagine that!

Geez! What’s with people these day!!??

There’s a trash can right next to you when you emptied that bottle!

What’s the trouble of simply throwing those empty bottle and plastic to the trash can next to you, people!?

I litter too, alright.

As long as it is in my room and my house.

At least until I finally feel the mood to tidy everything up and clean the house.

But I always keep my trash with me outside until I can find the nearest trash can.

So I finally sighed, and took the empty bottle and the plastic and threw it into the trash can.

And walked.


I know I should’ve taken that tissue and threw it into the trash can as well.

Now I can’t seem to get it out of my head.

Oh, people!

Moment of Truth

Ante-post: I keep thinking whether or not I should publish this post. This post has become completely random. I meant to write something completely different, but as I write things up, it turned out to be this way, and I thought… well, why not? It’s random anyway. Any grammatical correction is very much accepted. Please do correct it if you find anything wrong.


   Danielle looked at her shopping cart and thought of what she could have been missed. She’d put the cereal, instant coffees, toilet papers, and the detergent. She took another round to walk around the mini-market, to check whether there was anything else she’d want or need. She saw a pack of wet tissues and thought that she could use them, so she put it in her cart.

   After making sure there was nothing else that she need she went to the cashier and paid for everything.

   Just when she was about to go out of the mini-market did she hear someone calling her name.

   “Danielle! You’re Danielle, are you?”

   The one calling her was a guy, about seven-feet-tall, with a delicate look and pretty features on his face. Had he worn a skirt, people might as well thought he was a very tall woman.

   He looked at her intently, looking for recognition, and since Danielle had done nothing but stoned as she saw him, he laughed.

   “Have you forgotten me? How could you?”

   Danielle startled. Then as soon as she got her tongue, she responded,


   The man called Ryan sighed in relief.

   “Geez! I thought you didn’t recognize me!”

   “Oh, no! How could I forget you?” Danielle tried to make an excuse. “I was just… surprised to bump into you here!”

   “How did you think I feel, seeing you here, shoppiing like an Indonesian in a place like this?”

   Danielle laughed.

   “Well, I’m still adjusting.”

   “Oh, it shouldn’t be a problem. Everybody here is so friendly, and they’re always ready to help you! But first, how did you get here at all? You never told me you’re going here in the first place!”

   Newsflash. I guess we’re no longer BFF, old pal, Danielle thought.

   “Oh, yeah… Sorry. I was…” Danielle stopped for a while, thinking of a good, logical, and perfect reason.

   Should she tell him she had planned to avoid everybody she knew in Indonesia intentionally?

   Should she tell him she had thought of not contacting him, of all people, as well as not keeping in touch with him?

   Should she tell him that she had wanted to get by on her own?

   Yet, upon seeing him–those kind eyes, and sweet smile, as well as the pretty face and most definitely friendly gesture–she really did not want to lose his benignity and warmth. And the truth was, after all, that she also felt excited to see him, too.

   “I was still trying to figure out numbers of things in this country, especially this town. I really don’t know anything about this place except for this mini-market and diners nearby,” Danielle finally explained.

   “Oh, right. Right. Yeah, it’s quite a challenge, I suppose. I mean, you’re now exposed to a complete different culture, language, and people. I can help you with that,” said Ryan, and then he grabbed Danielle’s shopping bag, the one with her new detergent, and cereal, as well as instant coffee, toilet papers, detergent, and wet tissue, as he saw Danielle was heading out of the door, eager to get out.

   “I thought you’re here to do some shopping?” asked Danielle, taking her shopping bag into her arms back.

   “Oh, right. Yes, I did. I need a new broom for my room, as well as detergent and soap,” Ryan answered, looking confused.

   “Well, then, get going!” said Danielle.

   “Oh, but…” Ryan’s hands was still on Danielle’s shopping bag, reluctant to let go, as well as reluctant to part ways.

   “I’m still gonna be here for a long time, Ryan. We could catch up some time later,” said Danielle, and tried to smile as friendly as she could.

  “Oh. Okay, then. Well, that would be nice! We haven’t bumped into each other for a long time! We should hang out sometime!”

   “And we will. You could be my tour guide here.” Stupid. Why did she say that?

  “Absolutely. It’s a promise, then. We’ll meet again soon. Can I have your number, by the way?”

   She read her number to Ryan and so Ryan miss called her cell phone.

   “Great. Now that I have your number…,” said Danielle, looking for words as she starred blankly at her cell phone screen with Ryan’s number on it. “I’ll text you,” she finally added.

   “Not if I text you first,” replied Ryan, and so he smiled cordially.

   And they finally parted ways.

Re-Post: Being N.A.T.O. (No Action Talk Only)

This is a re-post taken from my April 2010 archives, titled ‘Being N.A.T.O. (No Action Talk Only)’, but this time, I only re-post the story, and not the thought.


I look up in the sky as I also tried to hang my dreams up there.

I get home late at night – finally. After such a long, hard, tiring day at work, like I don’t even have time to catch a breath, I finally—feeling so relieved, that I finally able to chill. Remembering that tomorrow’s weekend, and the fact that I don’t have to go to work, all those headaches seems so much worth-it. Tomorrow means I don’t have to set my alarm, and get up early; to stay as long as I want on the bed—oh, my comfy bed! How I missed it! If I got bored staying at home all day, I can always find refreshment outside. Perhaps one or two friends will be available to accompany me tomorrow. And S, oh, how I miss her! It’s been a long time since the last time we hang out together to get some coffee or chocolate, and chit-chat about… everything. Almost everything. And when did the last time it happen…? We never got together again since we graduated from college; because we’re too busy with our job, and we’re living separated from each other—faaaar-far away that makes me wonder when I would be able to see her again.

I took a short glance at my cell phone, then remembering that I had received e-mails and messages since the morning, yet I haven’t made any reply yet. I am always in a rush like I’ll never get enough time to read any of my messages or emails thoroughly, as what my friends used to say. I’m always in a rush. Always.

Shit. My phone’s off. Means I need to charge it. The last time I checked my phone’s still on. I grab the charger and charge it; at the same time I reach two remotes: one’s for the air conditioners and the other one… Well, I just hit it and my fave song was played. Easy, huh?

Sometimes I kinda afraid that one of my neighbor would knock on my door and asked me to turn the volume down, especially because I always come home very late at night, yet after I got inside the house, the only voice coming out from my house is the rock music I played, since that has been my fave for years, since my third year in college. But no one ever protested, and one of many reasons why I chose to live here is the individualism of the people in the neighborhood. I mean, we still greet each other every time we meet, if we knew each other, but other than that, we’re all “mind-your-own-business”-kind of people. That kind of “unwritten” rule had made me feel comfortable.

So, with no one knocking at my door angrily and ask me to turn the volume down, I guess everything just fine.

I turn on my cell phone and check my inbox. Two new messages and four emails. This time, I sit on the couch and try to scan all messages there. I delete all those new emails for they’re not important emails at all—you know, advertisement and offers, which I have no interest in. I sigh, and then move to my messages.

My mom texted me 5 times: two messages informing about her latest news—including everyone’s around, and the other three asking about my health, my activities, and whether I’m OK or not. I’m thinking of replying all her messages in just one long message, but the thought of the words I’m going to write itself—like, the length—exhausts me already. So, I take another sigh, and skip it instead, going to the other messages which I haven’t really read since this morning. Another four messages: one from an old friend, talking about reunion; one from my co-workers, asking about the issue we’d discussed at work today; one is hoax—deleted; and the last one is from a friend, a message consisting of a short preach with a verse from the bible, which I delete without even reading a word.

Feeling so tired, yet still tempted to surf in the net, I open my notebook and turn it on. It won’t be long, I said to myself, but I kinda doubt whether it’s going to be true or not. I know myself too well.

Browsing interesting articles, and reading all of them very quickly, then reading the news, which bored me pretty soon, as usual, I closed the tab. Reading some posts in some friends’ blogs, leaving comments and updating my status.

Then I look at my watch, and I was right. I can never spend less than two hours every time I open my notebook. But, hell, tomorrow’s a holiday for me. It won’t matter at all.

It’s already 4 AM, and I haven’t able to put myself to sleep yet. Feeling reluctant to sleep, yet I need to sleep. So, forcing myself to, I lie on the bed. I close my eyes, but I let my mind wander around with the song played in the player. Not long after that, I’m asleep already.


It’s almost noon when I wake up. Still lying on the bed, I hug my pillow, feeling reluctant to get up because of the comfort. I shut my eyes; trying to sleep longer, but at the same time thinking of what I’m going to do today. I got nothing in mind. At all. And I’m hungry. Still don’t feel like getting up, I think I’ll just make a call and order something. But then, just remember that I still have a leftover birthday cake in my fridge, brought by a friend having a birthday party a couple days ago, I force myself to get up and walk downstairs, to the kitchen.

The kitchen is right next to the living room, without even a wall to separate them, because I have a small kitchen, and I don’t really see the need of separating them although my dad always complaint about it. Well, there was not much he could do, though. Hell, it’s my own house anyway. I can set whatever rules I want, and I’m quite satisfied with it. I’m quite satisfied with my life right now.

So there I am, sitting on the dining chair and put a piece of cake on a small dining table. I don’t think I’ll need a large table for I’m living on my own. A big table will just give me the idea of loneliness. No, thanks, I’m quite content with my life. And a table for two is more than enough.

While enjoying my cake, I’m thinking of what I should do today. I actually need to clean the house, but I’m just too lazy to do it now. Maybe later. Or tomorrow. Or maybe I could ask someone to do it for me. I can ask one of my neighbors, they might know someone. Oh, well, I’ll think about it later. It’s weekend, so why bother?

I finish eating and feel too lazy to wash the dish—geez, I’m just too lazy to do anything, aren’t I? Screw it, I’ll just put it in the sink and leave it there for now. I know what I’m going to do first today: going to the bookstore. After that perhaps I can decide where else to go later on.

I know I still got a lot of waiting list; books that I had bought, yet I haven’t read until now, and I’m running out of space in my bookshelves, but I need some refreshment and the bookstore is just the perfect place for refreshment. At least, for me. The idea of having new books always fascinates me. Besides, books never get old, no matter how sophisticated the era had become.

So I grab my keys and get out of the house. There, I see my car, so fit, so perfect, just a part of my dreams, parked in my yard. I jump into my pickup and the next thing I know, I’m just so ready to go.

Oh my, what could have been a more perfect life than this? I’m not saying that this is the ideal, perfect life people always wanted, but this is my life, and I feel so much content with it. And I still got a plenty years ahead before my hair finally turns to white and wrinkles start to appear on my face. Unless God punishes me; cut my life on the way. Hopefully none of it would ever happen.


“I Don’t Have A Plan. I Just Want to Sit on the Patio and Drink Coffee With You All Summer.”

This is so sweet! The idea would be very lovely. I'd dedicated this pic to my coffee-addict besties :)

Source: LoveQuotesRus