Society’s Rules

Which is correct: doing the right thing, or doing things you want to do?

Sometimes I think those priests and reverend tell us to do the right thing by telling us what the right things are, but do they actually know what the right things are? Or do they classify which ones are the right things and which are the wrong ones by setting their own standards? By following the society rules, to be exact.

The society sees what it wants to see, and when it sees things it doesn’t want to see, I suppose the society then simply classifies those things as ‘wrongdoings’?

Who actually put the REAL standards of this world?

The Christians should say, “Jesus,”

While the Buddhists say, “Buddha,”

And then the Moslems say, “Allah,”

And the Kong Hu Chus will probably say, “The gods,”

And then, when we’re doing–or thinking things that the society doesn’t want to see, it simply blames our conscience.

Isn’t that the order?

So what about things that we really want to do?

Should we just pretend they don’t even exist?

Are they actually naught?

Just because the society doesn’t want it, should we lie to ourselves and then pretend that those are just our imaginations?

Which rules do we follow?