Guru Cerewet

The title “Guru Cerewet” literally means “Talkative Teacher.” “Cerewet” itself means “talkative,” yet in Bahasa Indonesia, it tends to have negative meanings, in a way that a person is annoyingly talkative, comments often here and there, including criticizing and complaining (although complaining is not the same as talkative).

Now that I’m a full-time teacher, I found difficulty in managing my time and spare some time only to sketch and sketch and sketch many things, like I used to.

Now, I mostly dedicated my sketches to my students, in a way that I would sometimes draw something in my student’s writing while I wrote my comments and feedbacks with their (home)works–mostly writing, ahem. Well, of course I’m trying to be selective. I would usually make sure my students would like my sketches (and they usually do!), and I always love to see their smiles every time they see the corrections. I hate writing plenty of corrections pointing out their mistakes and then see the disappointment looks on their faces :( Cheer up, dear students! You can do it! Don’t give up!

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