Introvert vs Extrovert

According to psychologist, an extrovert person is a person who becomes energized if he/she is with other people, while an introvert person is someone who becomes energized if he/she is alone (someone who needs a solitude in order to become energized).

Dat’s what I get after listening to a tape in my Listening Comprehension class. If I hadn’t mistaken, the recording was about people’s characteristics, and the speaker was talking about extrovert vs. introvert person, plus a brief explanation about an ambivert person. The ambivert one is someone between introvert and extrovert person.

Well, so, if the extrovert one is the one who needs others to become energized and the introvert one is the one who needs to be alone to become energized, that would means that I’m an extrovert person.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, not really.

First, define energized.

But if the ‘energized’ that you imagine is the same ‘energized’ I imagine, yea, I would probably be classified as extrovert.

And I somehow disagree with that.

Well, that’s the definition based on psychologist. Well, I’m no psychologist. And I’m not an expert in characterizing people, but categorizing someone like dat don’t really make sense to me.

If a person is energized because of others, after that, how does he/she deal with others? Some people can easily open up to someone while the others can’t. And I usually define introvert/extrovert based on that.

Aside from how did a person become energized, I classify an extrovert person as someone who can easily open up with other, and the limitation of secret to people like them is very little (I’m confused reading my own explanation @,@ ). Then an introvert person is someone who needs to feel comfortable with his/her interlocutor first before he/she open up to that person.

Some people open up easily even to someone they just met (which I strongly not recommend X< ) but hey, they’re OK with it, so well…, fine with me (sigh) and there are some others who can only open up to someone they really think they know or at least, someone who they feel really comfortable with.

I always argue this thing with my mom as we’re totally different, hahaha.