“I’m fine.”

“Really? I never would have thought you’re struggling with such anxiety.”

“Wow, I never would have thought you were depressed.”

“But you could have talked to me!”

“Oh, why didn’t you tell me?”

Anyone else can relate? What masks have you been putting on lately?


I believe in times like this, I’m not the only one. Some people are better at controlling it. Some people are worse off. Some people I know, are like a rock. They’re championing this and managed to ignore the anxiety. Or, even better, they’re defeating it. Unfortunately, that is just not me right now.

Taking Compliments

Although I admit I am mostly awkward with people I don’t know well, and especially in environments I haven’t warmed up to.

Random Sketch from Japan #1

4 years of undergrad, 4+ years of full-time work (and being in front of classes and interpreting in panel discussions in front of hundreds of people), this is still happening.

…yes, I went all the way to Japan to become like this…

The Thing About Creativity Is…

The Thing About Creativity Is...
Quote taken from one of Sir Ken Robinson’s talk at TED: Ideas Worth Sharing, “Sir Ken Robinson said school kills creativity.”

If you’re interested, please visit also my page containing my sketches. There’s also another sketch page dedicated to my drawings for my students, usually put together along with my corrections or feedback of my students’ writings. However, as of this post, I’ve decided that I won’t add another picture in My Sketches Page. Instead, I am going to post my future sketches one by one as I drew it on the post page here. Feedbacks or comments are still welcomed, of course. As for now, ciao!

P.S. FYI, this is my very first time drawing in this kind of style. Previously, I always draw a more childish, comical figures, like the ones in my comic post (click here and here). Despite trying to draw a real person’s face, I have to tell you that I don’t really think this resembles Sir Ken Robinson at all. Sigh.