Salatiga’s Street Arts

I was inspired by the increasing number of blog posts about street arts in WordPress’ Freshly Pressed lately, so I decided to make a post about street art as well. I’ve been noticing street arts, or graffiti, to be precise, when I was pursuing my bachelor of education in English, in a small but homely city called Salatiga. I obviously still have a thing for that city, because I talked my mother into letting me spend some of my holidays in Salatiga instead of spending it in my hometown the whole time.

Ironically, having left my hometown for more than four years, I can barely remember where I could find street arts, or graffiti anymore. I knew there are some, if not plenty, but I don’t know where to find them anymore. Guess I’d need to spend some more time in my hometown, really. But I do notice that Salatiga has plenty, plenty of graffitis. I definitely remember one on the wall behind the campus, Satya Wacana Christian University, and then another one on this street called Sukowati, if I had not mistaken. Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of the latter one.

The graffitis on the wall behind the campus. That small, narrow door leads to Satya Wacana Christian University.

Anyway, I managed to spend three days in Salatiga, and so I told Ikka about this blog post I meant to write, and she was willing to help me. Finally, on my last day in Salatiga, she picked me up at the hotel and took me around the city to get pictures of the graffitis (which all were taken with my 2 MP camera phone, sorry for that). So, thanks a lot, Ikka! And I hope you guys think these graffitis are nice as I do too. Enjoy the pictures!

Rice Fields on The Way Home

I was on my way back to my hometown yesterday, sitting in the  train and looking out the window when I saw a vast view of rice field on the way. I’m quite a fan of nice pictures of… mostly anything, really, including rice field, although walking on it is quite a different matter. Perhaps it was the sun, or the idle state I was in which make me think that the rice field looks very green and even more beautiful than any rice fields I’ve ever seen in my life, so I thought I ought to take some pictures with my lame 2 MP camera phone–really, that’s all I have for now–to preserve the view.


“I Don’t Have A Plan. I Just Want to Sit on the Patio and Drink Coffee With You All Summer.”

This is so sweet! The idea would be very lovely. I'd dedicated this pic to my coffee-addict besties :)

Source: LoveQuotesRus