Random Stories

  • But My God I Would Try – Random Story #11

    From the corner of my eyes as I sat very still and divided my attention towards the news and analysing the possible aftermath that could develop after this terror, I saw him walking to and fro anxiously in his bedroom, and dividing his attention to each of his gadgets. I would assume he was trying to figure out further about what happened through the internet. Probably contacting people he knew as well who might be in Paris–he speaks French, after all, so most likely he is very familiar with the city, and very much related to it.

    He went to the balcony to smoke–probably to calm himself down. I sat still and still watched the news, then chuckled as I couldn’t believe how quick the US fucking A very readily involving themselves in this terror. From counterterrorism to responses from the White House, and just when no one yet claimed responsibility for the attack, nor figured out who might be behind this. Everything was still very much chaotic and everyone was still in confusion.

    He came back from the balcony and sat beside me to watch the news. In the meantime, he was still busy checking his phone. Then I heard his soft sobs. So I looked.

    He was definitely distraught and anxious.

    “Shit. Are you okay? Are you alright?”

    “Yea, yea. I’m okay,” he answered very briefly.

    “Do you know anyone in Paris? Is your friends or families live there at the moment?”

    “Yea, I have a few of them still living in the city.”

    That explains why he was so disturbed by this.

    And we were supposed to continue fucking, for fuck sake. (continue reading)

  • Random Story #8
    “She tried to feel me,” Sri said with terror in her whole face.“What? What do you mean with ‘trying to feel’ you?” Christine, who was sitting right next to me, asked. She looked just as surprised as me, but I was too stunned to say anything.“She… Well, I came to say goodbye, of course… She was out when I came here to give you guys a farewell, so… when I saw her on my way out, I thought I’d give a proper goodbye… And then… she told me to come near her, and so I did. But then… she hugged me. Which, I thought, was not a big deal, until… until she tried to grab my butt, and I felt her lips on my neck and her other hand tried to caress my breast, and…— ” Sri stopped, too horrified to continue. (continue reading)
  • Random Story #7
    She is someone unknown to me, and what makes her very noticeable is her deformity, if I’m allowed to use such expression, causing her to limp when she walks, and even that is a mild expression. To be precise, she is actually dragging both her feet in order to move around, probably due to broken bones in her legs, resulting in one leg bending forward and the other behind. (continue reading)
  • Random Story #6
    I packed my iBook G4, with its charger and rushed into the cafe as soon as I got a call to meet up and hang out with my friends.I’m late. I’m definitely late.And my phone’s been ringing over and over for 30 minutes. The last time I took the call, my old pal scolded me for being late as ever with sharp tone and cruel, witty words.No worries. I know he meant no harm. That’s just his manner of speech. (continue reading)
  • Random Story #5
    “Perhaps I should just drowned myself while I bathe later.”Then after the tub was filled, she took off her clothes and jumped in. (continue reading)
  • Random Story #4: Phone Call
    She has been starring at her cell phone for about five minutes now. Had anyone paid close attention, they would notice that she was not really starring at her cell phone. She looked at that thing in her hand blankly, as if something occupied her mind.And it was. Something. Fill her mind.As a matter of fact, it was what appeared on her cell phone screen which made her lost in deep thought.Her dad, to be exact. (continue reading)
  • Random Story #3
    If getting closer with anyone would only brings pain in the end, than I should make a distance with anyone and build a thick brick wall from whoever trying to get closer. I should not get anywhere personal with anybody as well, then, I said to myself.
    My mind flew to some time ago in the past, when I was arguing with my best friend, an independent woman, and the alpha-male figure in my life ever, who had struggled harder than anyone I know, to fight for her right and responsibility to raise her only daughter, me. (continue reading)
  • Random Story #2: A Fresh Start
    Yes, she had decided to seek jobs located far away from places she knew. Places where familiar people stayed. She had told herself so many times before that she wanted a fresh start. Without family connections. Without interference from those people who–she knew it by heart–only wanted to help her out. (continue reading)
  • Random Story #1: True Love
    “Do you believe in true love?”
    I laughed, if not snorted, upon hearing such question being addressed to me.
    “Is this a trick-question?” I asked him, sarcastically. (continue reading)
  • Moment of Truth
    Danielle looked at her shopping cart and thought of what she could have been missed. She’d put the cereal, instant coffees, toilet papers, and the detergent. She took another round to walk around the mini-market, to check whether there was anything else she’d want or need. She saw a pack of wet tissues and thought that she could use them, so she put it in her cart. (continue reading)

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