What’s This Nonsense?

The Hypocrite

According to the book Personality Plus by Florence Littauer, which discusses the four basic temperaments: Sanguine, Melancholy, Phlegmatic and Choleric, I am classified as a Melancholy, and according to the free MBTI test in 16personalities.com (as well as Jung’s Free typology test), I mostly ended up as an INTJ. These two characters tend to think too much (really, TOO MUCH) about (too) many things, from contemplating the big question of what life is all about, up to the very trivial stuffs such as picking out what book I should read next after I finished my current reading (I usually laid out three to five books I want to read the most and then eliminate which from those I want to read last); the same things applied to me, so please forgive me if I had shared too many of my thoughts in this blog.

You might ask, too (as some had done), why I called myself ‘hypocrite’ one too often? I have admit that I’m scared of inconsistency. I’m afraid of the possibility of being inconsistent, even if not now, perhaps, in the future. I might post something that I thought really brilliant at the time I posted it, but in the future (which might take years and years), I might change my mind. Therefore, there’s a big possibility that I might delete my own posts, or regret for having posted such posts. Another inconsistency is the differences of what is inside my mind with what I show on the outside. Like a proverb in bahasa Indonesia, “Lain di mulut, lain di hati,” (what we said might be different to what we thought) the same thing applied to me. For those reasons, I think I deserve to be called a hypocrite. So, please forgive me for any ambiguousness that might occur here, including the mistype and everything that is possible to happen here.

Nothing is ever perfect – the hypocrite, 1.27 AM, Wed, 8/4/2010

The Content

You don’t judge a book from its cover. You judge the book from its content. – the hypocrite, as remembered at 1.28 AM, Wed, 8/4/2010

This blog–A Bunch of Nonsense is…, indeed, a bunch of nonsenses. All posts are meant to be either nonsense or valuable posts, depends on your interpretation of them. What could be valuable to me, might be nothing but a nonsense to you, and vice versa, which is why I picked the name ‘A Bunch of Nonsense’ as the name of this beloved blog.

However, aside from all those nonsenses above, I do hope you enjoy my blog, and I would really appreciate and thank you all sincerely if you also leave comments. I do need feedbacks! :D Thank you all for reading!

Best regards,

The Hypocrite