My Sketches

This is basically what you do when you've been studying one too many TOEFL handouts... or IELTS. >:) Or if you're trying to Skype-ing with LOOOW connection >:'(((


This is me. Wait, no. NO WAY it is. Well, actually, it is. No, it doesn't look like me at all. Eeeerrrr, well, a little. Well, it's me. No, it's not.
Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.
新年快乐! 恭喜发财! Happy Chinese New Year!!! This is the year of the Rabbit, so let's draw a RABBIT!!! XD
"Huh? Why are you shivering?" - Personal Hatred
*timpuk sandal*
*timpuk panci*

Crying... My fave team has been beaten by Spain...
Why am I smiling diz WIDE? Ask Klose. Ask Germany. LOL!
Whoa-ha-haaaa! Go, Klose! Go, Mueller! Go, GERMANY!!! XD
*Cough, cough* I dun feel so well...
Sniff... I'm sad...
Peace, dude!
*sketching... sketching...*
I Gotta Feelin'! Lol!
Reading 4! For a better future! (~_~')
A Moo Playin' Mooball! FIFA World Cup!
So Sweet...
I'm Wearing Glasses!! La La Laaaa XD
Huh? What? Sorry, to busy texting you. (Xb)
Craving for inspirations...
May I kiss...? Urgh! Ew!
It wasn't supposed to be this way... But it turns out like this!
Aaaaahhhhh... Celebrate the good life... With a laptop and music!
Losing Inspiration...

Let's sing! Let's KARAOKE!!!!
This is what will happen if you stay too long in the karaoke...
Coffee Addict
A hot chocolate is always good when it's cold...

Sketches of Friends

A sketch of a friend - A future doctor :)
Another coffee-addict; a friend of mine. This is her one fame expression for almost everything: seeing cute guys, drinking or eating something delicious, having fun, etc, etc. :p
She's recently competing in MBI (Miss Big Indonesia) - vote for her! Her number is 19! Go! Go! Go, sister! We're proud of ya!
She's definitely a coffee-addict. All those listed in the pic are her weapon, haha. Similar to the ones I usually use as well.
When she got this expression, leave her alone. I mean it. Or stay by her side... in silence. Some people said we look alike. Well, does that look like my face in the pic?
My female co-worker; She's extremely calm and patient, tsk!

This is my fave activity: crossing fingers!! ...for a better future.
Uurrrrrrrrgghhhhh!!! I'm trying... I'm trying... I can do it! I can do it!!
Introducing... Z!!! The Death Eater a.k.a. the Grim Reaper!!

26 thoughts on “My Sketches

  1. lucuuuuuuuu…..>,<
    ilustrasi lagi minum kopi kapan?
    atau iliustrasi ga bisa tidur nunggu Muenchen maen sambil minum hot choco?

  2. the one with backpack,was it you or one of the ex ED lecture that I know, looks like him…ehehehehehe….
    nice scetch dear, can you scetch my face? wondering how chubby my face will be.. =P

  3. Would love to have 1% of your creativity…

    [sideline – I could understand If you were a fan of Messi and Barcelona. But favouring the German squad over the Dutch one is a blow to my national Dutch pride [ :))) ]

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