Rachael Lampa

Rachael Lampa

I looooovvveee Rachael Lampa. Seriously. She’s been one of few singers that has influence on me. I like her voice, even more than I like Celine Dion (and I used to adore Celine so much!) and Charice.

A brief introduction for you who might not know Rachael, she’s a CCM (Christian Contemporary Music) singer, with an amazing voice. She’s definitely a soprano, and one of few singers that I’ve heard who mostly sing hip-hop or R&B songs that’ll make you move your body, yet they hardly ever dance. At least I hardly see them dance.

Anyway, aside from the fact that she’s a Christian icon, I’ll say it again: I LOOOVE her voice. Her song that I first heard was I Choose You, a Christmas song, about Mary, who was just being told that she would be pregnant, and the child inside her womb is actually the world’s savior, as what Christians mostly believe. The song, more or less, is actually an encouragement from God to Mary, that He’d always be by her side, so she shouldn’t be afraid of the pregnancy because God would protect her.

I remember laying on my bed lazily, day dreaming while listening to the tape, until suddenly I heard this song, and I suddenly got up. Her voice amazed me. I never forgot her name after that: Rachael Lampa.

I’m in love with her voice and the way she sang I Choose You, and I finally decided to hunt her albums. I bought her third album, Blur, at church, where I screamed the first time I saw the album.

Rachael's Third Album: Blur

A few months after that, I was chatting to a friend in Bandung, who turned out to have a cassette store (yeah, cassetes were still trending at that time), and I asked him whether he happened to have any Rachael’s album.

He helped me getting Rachael’s very first album, Live for You, which turned out to be an imported cassette, then delivered it to my house. He became a fan of Rachael because of me.

Rachael's First Album: Live for You

Not long after that, he contacted me again, telling me that he got Rachael’s second album, Kaleidoscope, and he’d send me the CD.

Rachael's Second Album: Kaleidoscope

So finally I got her first, second, and third album.

One day, my dad was visiting, and we went to a music store nearby. That was when I bought her fourth album, Rachael Lampa.

Rachael Lampa's Fourth Album: Rachael Lampa

And then time went by, days, months, years, and I stopped following the CCM trends and updates, began to listen to more secular music, and suddenly I remember Rachael.

I googled her, only to find out that she’s about to marry and had left the Word records, and about to make a new album.

So I waited patiently.

Rachael's Sixth Album: Human EP

Until Rachael finally announced her latest album, Human EP, on her blog, facebook and twitter, and googled everywhere to find it. But there’s very little chance that I could find her latest album here in Indonesia, and since the album is still quite new, I don’t think I could find any free downloadable version of the songs in the internet.

To order it through eBay would be very expensive for me.

Finally, best of the worse, Rachael announced on her facebook that we could get her song, Avalanche, taken from her latest album, Human, for free on the Bruegger’s Music Showcase.

Only one song. But for now that’d be enough for me.

It didn’t take long to download the song. And I sure listen to it right away once I got the song.

Know what? I loooovvvee it.

I still love her voice.

It’s a pretty mellow song to me, but her voice got me already, so I was so thrilled to get the song.

I googled the lyrics for Avalanche, and the best that I could get is taken from http://forums.ccmmagazine.com/Lyrics_help%3F/m_4703405/mpage_1/tm.htm

So I compared the lyrics I found there with the song, and I think it’s pretty accurate, and after I hear the lyrics, I like the song more. Hahaha. Just can’t get enough of Rachael’s, eh? Sorry, but I reaaally-really-really like her voice. I always want to have a voice like her. Serious.

Anyway, here’s the lyrics to Avalanche, and… tell me what you think ;) Who knows you’d get captivated by her voice as well.

Rachael Lampa

(I) Should have known the moment that we met
I was walking on the edge, I guess, I should’ve watched my step
I should have known it when I felt the rush
Never has a single touch ever meant so much.

If I would have paid more attention
Then I wouldn’t be in this condition

There’s an avalanche happening inside of me
Falling in love way too fast – way too deep
(so) Look out below – look out below
(cause) Once it gets started there’s no way to stop
An avalanche inside my heart
La la la – la la la – la…

Something must be shifting underneath
Just begun too late to run – no escape for me
I knew this was a possibility
Falling in love can be dangerous but it’s worth it all to me

I put myself in this position
Maybe you’ll want just what I’m getting

Repeat chorus

I never ever been this high – I don’t really know how to fly
As long as you’re falling with me, the sorrow leave

I don’t have to know how to land & I don’t have to understand
Too late to play it safe, too late to try to escape

Repeat chorus

Should have known the moment that we met…

A tribute to Jim (whoever you are, hahaha), thanks for the lyrics!

Some has been speculating that she’s moving genre to the more secular music, and if she is, indeed, I don’t care. Her voice captivated me (think I kinda exaggerate all these, but that’s because I really like her voice, haha) and she could sing any kind of genre she wants. I’m still gonna be her fan.

Rachael’s website — http://www.rachaellampa.com/

Rachael's Official Site

For more info on Rachael’s Human EP, click here.

2 thoughts on “Rachael Lampa

  1. You said it all! i loooove rachael so much… she’s my most favorite CCM artist as well because her voice is very beautiful and powerful. I couldn’t agree more from what you just have said. Go Rachael!!! ^_^

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