Do Not Step On the Grass!

Last Thursday, I went to Kayu Arum to have lunch with the whole LTC staff, for the closing party and farewell to the Japanese.

Overall, the farewell went well, we had our lunch, and watched the Japanese danced a Javanese traditional dance (I forgot the name of the dance).

The after-party is probably the exciting one, at least for most crews. Why? Because we were exploring Kayu Arum, and taking each other’s pics. Well, some habit can never change, eh? The place is really nice, they have beautiful views all over the place, so yea, it’s such a perfect spot for taking pics.

The Pond

Anyway, the weird thing I found is when I saw the “Do Not Step on the Grass” sign. Well, why weird? Because they provide a bench–well, actually many bench, scattered all over the place, on the grass. What are they for? Lawn ornaments? Bench is made for people to sit on them, not for lawn ornaments. And if those bench are placed on the grass, why you put the “Do Not Step on the Grass” sign? It just doesn’t make any sense.

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  1. I guess those bench are put just for decorations. It really didn’t mean that you can sit there knowing that there’s a sign that you can’t step on the grass. People really should understand that they should keep their off the grass because a grass is also important. It should also be taken care of.

    • 郑 天爱 said:

      Well those bench are all over the place, and they put all chairs and stuff on the grass. What were they thinking? That is just silly, come on.

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