Another Bitter Moment

I woke up today and find myself crying on my bed, still.

It was a nightmare, and there was nothing I could to change or omit it. It happened, and would always remain there,on that very day.

The saddest part was, there was no one to blame, so I had to swallow the bitterness and the pain back into my heart, and made it turn my stomach upside down. I felt like I was going to bury it alive inside me.

There was no one around, of course, for it was my room, after all. So, without any hesitation, I let the tears fell down, once again, let my heart pierced so bad and let out every bitter things I felt. Still, no one would really know at all. I guess.

But they did, care, actually. I always know they do. From their questions, and curiosity, I was grateful that I had some people to talk to later on. Later in the evening, I had cooled down already. I think I could put better words for Monday’s evaluation. Hopefully I could.

Oh God, help me.

Dat was the only moment where I recalled God’s presence.

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