Truth Game

Hey, tell me

If this is really the truth,

Then you should tell me

The truth

What lies beyond sight

And what is hidden inside every secret

Reveal it

Reveal the truth

So that everyone will see

The true form of the earth

So that light will come out of their small eyes

But I might be wrong, too

Well who knows?

I’m not God

Nobody will ever know what is hidden

Inside everyone’s heart

Could it be

Darkness fills your heart

Darker than the night

Because every circle has no end

And who knows

That it might hurt you back

If you force to tear it open

The truth is not a game

It’s the Joker

He is playing with us

He is messing with everybody

And leave no peace behind

It’s like a knife

It might stab you back

So be careful with the truth

‘cuz it’s worth more than anything

And no gold can even buy it

Hey, can you please tell me the truth?