Juz a Lil Bit of Nonsense at Night… About God

Who could you trust in this world but yourself?

Nobody. No one. Nothing.

Not even God.

Because He’s always full of secrets.

He keeps secrets from everyone (except, yea, those who seeks after Him and longs for Him, perhaps?)

He keeps your life’s secrets even from yourself.

And it is said, He won’t tell it to anyone including even yourself.

Because “all things got its own time”,

And it won’t be so fascinating anymore (to Him, maybe) if He reveals it before its time.


It’s like watching a movie,

Where you’ve already known the ending.

The movie won’t be as fascinating as it should be anymore.

Isn’t it what life’s all about?

Maybe God is just a little child.

Who loves playing around.

What is He playing?

Secrets. Secrets. Secrets.

And He’s playing our life. Just like a game.

He determines your path, your fate, and your way.

He could make it cheerful, but could also turn your life down as He wants it.

And make your life as miserable as ever.


What is God?

I don’t know.

Isn’t He always full of mystery?

That’s what He’s playing.

That’s the game He creates.

And we’re just His little toys.

Game set. Caught up in it.

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