God’s Tragic Story

Dia mengerti

Dia peduli

Persoalan yang sedang terjadi

Dia mengerti

Dia peduli

Persoalan yang kita alami

Namun satu yang dia minta,

agar kita percaya

Sampai mukjizat menjadi nyata


He understands

He cares

What’s really goin on (in our life)

He understands

He cares

All things we’ve been through

Only one thing he asked,

Dat we believe

until miracle happens

It turns out dat I’m not patient enough to wait for any miracle.

Many times, as some-many people thought, dat God has never care enough. And the worst part is: He does, actually, understand. But He never even care. For me, it’s very cruel of him, indeed.

But wad if the song is true? Wad if he does, understand, and even more than that: HE DOES CARE??

Still, no matter how much he actually cares, we always thought dat he never does.


I remember crying when sumone who’s very dear to me said dat I never care about him. But I actually did, care about him. More than he knew. And I thought he should have known dat. He should be mature enough to understand about diz.

I remember well enough how I feel exactly.

I instantly cried when he said dat. It pains me. So much, and it broke my heart.

What about God? Wouldn’t he be hurted, then? And if our wound is healed by God, who’ll heal his?

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