Different Kind of Nonsense

I was wondering,

How could you be faithful, but at the same time, u’re also an unbeliever?

Could you be so loveable and yet, so full of hatred?

Could you enjoy your life, but also sick of it?

Could u think positively, and at the same time also think that everyone’s really sux?

Could you ask God to grant you more time on earth, but at the same time, you really want to throw it away?

Could you be so naive, but so full of bitterness?

Could you be so devoted and also become skeptic, too?

If we ever think about it, and realize, diz world is actually a drama stage. And each person holds a role for him/herself. The property used is only a mask. Director? God. Assistant? Satan (believe it or not, sorry). They let us choose, to wear the mask or not. Means you could show your true-self to the audience, or not, if you choose to wear the mask.

I’m being so skeptic right now. Somehow, my mood is so ruined right now. And I keep remembering Meja’s “All About the Money” ‘s line:

We find strange ways of showing them how much we really care

When in fact we just dun seem to care at all

You dun need to understand diz at all… Dat’s why I call it nonsense.

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